JUCIFER - "Withering"

  • date: 06/2013
  • running time: 3:03

Music video for "Withering" by Jucifer from the Nadir EP.

BASS @ THE SPACE - Promo Music Video

  • date: 05/2012
  • running time: 3:42

Hip-hop music video featuring Cracka Don of Critical Mass, Limestone, Frek, Mumraw, Phunkdaphied Fuller of Ill Convoy, and Lyrical .45 of Critical Mass.


  • date: 05/2002
  • running time: 4:06

Final project for an Electronic Production course, this music video was assembled from footage shot by the class on a MiniDV camcorder.


  • date: 03/2002
  • running time: 2:48

This short film was shot with a Nikon CoolPix 775 to be shown at the ArtsUNI 2002 Filmfest.